Call For Papers

Prospective authors are invited to submit high quality paper(s) not exceeding 8 pages written in A4 size.Original manuscripts are enthusiastically encouraged in areas related to Cognitive Computing & Informatics, Computational Intelligence, Hybrid Intelligent Models and Applications in (but not limited to) the following topics:

Cognitive Informatics

     Informatics models of the brain
     Cognitive processes of the brain
     Internal information processing mechanisms
     Machine consciousness
     Neuroscience foundations of information processing
     Denotational mathematics
     Knowledge representation
     Autonomous machine learning
     Neural models of memory
     DNA and genome modelling
     Brain information processing
     Cognitive linguistics
     Cognitive complexity and metrics
     Neural signal modeling
     Cognitive sensors and networks
     Cognitive information fusion

Cognitive Computing

     Cognitive computers
     Cognitive robotics
     Autonomous Computing
     Knowledge processors
     Cognitive semantics of big data
     Cognitive machine learning
     Knowledge manipulations
     Pattern recognition
     Cognitive agent technologies
     Cognitive inferences
     Computing with words (CWW)
     Cognitive decision theories
     Concept & semantic algebras
     Fuzzy/rough sets/logic
     Affective computing

Computational Intelligence

     Cognitive computers
     Cognitive systems
     Cognitive man-machine communication
     Cognitive Internet
     World-Wide Wisdoms (WWW+)
     Mathematical engineering for AI
     Cognitive vehicle systems
     Semantic computing
     Distributed intelligence
     Mathematical models of AI
     Cognitive signal processing
     Cognitive image processing
     Artificial neural nets
     Genetic computing
     MATLAB models of AI

Advanced Computing

     Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
     Computer Architecture and VLSI
     Computer Graphics- Simulation and Modeling
     Data Management-Exploration and Mining
     Digital System and Logic Design
     Pattern Recognition and Analysis
     Robotics and Machine Vision
     Systems and Software Engineering
     Computational Intelligence
     Signal and Image Processing
     Reconfigurable Computing
     Biomedical Computing, Bioinformatics
     Green Computing; Mobile Computing
     Ubiquitous Computing
     Cryptography and Applied Mathematics

Hybrid Intelligent Models and Applications

     Ant Colony for Neural Network Optimization
     Chaos Theory in Genetic Algorithms
     Genetic Algorithm for Fuzzy System Optimization
     Genetic Algorithms for Hybrid Intelligent Systems Design
     Genetic Algorithms for Neural Network Optimization
     Genetic Fuzzy Systems
     Genetic Neural Systems
     Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms
     Hybrid Modular Neural Networks
     Hybrid optimization techniques
     Neuro-Fuzzy-Genetic Approaches
     Nature-inspired Smart Hybrid Systems
     Neuro-Fuzzy Models and Applications
     Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Pattern Recognition & Data Mining, Statistics and Soft Computing

Paper Template:

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